You heard what from who?

Don’t chicken out on anything. If you want to do it, because you want to do it, then do it. God I wish I could explain people that this is my only religion. Freedom of speech, of self, of soul.

I hate it so much when I find myself analyzing what I’m doing just because it doesn’t follow the norm. The hell with your norms, with your life rules and regulations. You live by them, if you think they’re so great! Don’t shove it down people’s throaths. Live by them and let others live by theirs.

Your freedom ends when you interfere with other people’s freedom. Simple as that. But how many nauseating judgemental looks you see nowdays? This is the most disgusting thing to me. Snakes looking. Venom spitting. And you continue doing what you do best, being your own damn glorious self and then they start hissing.

God, it’s Dante’s Inferno. And even family, friends or close people, you know, they’ll start some wierd behaviour when they feel you are too… yourself, or you are doing something they never had the courage to do. It’s like they want to bring you back to an invisible (or too obvious) sheep herd.

I have a very simple solution. Why don’t you guys worry about what’s in your backyards and let me worry about what’s in mine. I don’t know how exactly the saying goes, but i’ll adapt. I can do whatever I like.

And I hear close friends saying “oh you don’t know what people say about you” and my only thought is “Why do they feel comfortable to say it around you” or “why don’t you shut them up if you love me so much” or “why don’t you all go to hell if you want me to put it this way”. Anyway, just a few examples of what’s going through my mind. Why you splash me with words of glorious friendship if you let other people swipe the floor with me.

And then there are those people: “oh, she likes that guy” / “oh she’s loyal to the wrong people” / “oh she’s clubbing too much” / “oh she spends too much” / “oh the dress too short” / “oh she has too much fun” / “oh oh oh”. First of all stop ventilating, fans. Second, why don’t you mind your petty lives. Just for one second stop looking at other people’s lives and focus on your boring ones. I’m living the way I want to, I love who and the way I want to and I am loyal to the people I want to. None of your goddamn business.

Am I writing this because it bothers me? Not because it bothers me, it disgusts me, it’s like when you drink too much and it’s better to vomit. I vomit here whatever you blabbed and turned my stomach upside down.

I hate living with the thought that I am not following I don’t know what human code I’m not aware of. Just avoid me when it comes to life guidelines. I have my own. As long as I am happy I’ll not change them. And stop being accountants or supervisors in people’s lives. We are all different, with different needs and expectations. And mines are just mine.

Anyway, I’ll stop before I become petty. I leave this to others.

I am writing this because it happened recently to have some second thoughts on some things, and it made me realize that some of this bullshit actually reached to me and it made my heart and my mind wonder. It made me feel that I have to consider if what I do will cause gossip or not. And that is sad because it didn’t bother me that much before.

But again, my choices are my choices and even though I like my stuff private, some people made it a very open subject and now there’s an elephant in the room. Motherefffffer!

Anyway now that I feel better, thank you all looking for some excitement here, for being so curious about my whereabouts and roundabouts and mind your own damn business, please. But by any means, pass by, and bring some traffic to my page.

I don’t bother with these hoes, don’t let these hoes bother me!

P.S. articolul asta vizeaza strictnisteoamenicucarelucrez, dar ei nu stiu asta si sper sa nu se apuce sa traduca.

It’s always love and late night writing shenanigans!


Some Christmas melancholy

I wake up and the snow reaches the window sill. All is white around the house… everywhere. I look outside and all I want is to go and play in the snow. The house is so warm. There is some food cooking in the stove. Smells so good. I must have breakfast before I go out and play.

See, there’s a tradition in our house. We all eat together. Nobody starts until we are all seated. I know, sounds uncanny. But it’s actually beautiful, it’s so personal. We are too busy nowdays. Everybody on its own.

I have my breakfast and I put on my jacket, my scarf, my woolen hat, my stockings and a pair of woolen pants. Ah and boots. Waterproof boots. I can barely move now and you can only see my eyes and nose. I can see myself so clearly now and it’s so funny. These memories are so precious.

And… I’m out in this snow paradise. You can’t see anything but snow. It covered everything over night. You can see here and there cat traces and their paws leaving prints in the snow. I bet it wasn’t something they want. Chicken are also inside, they didn’t go out yet. It’s not cold. Yet… Some nights will be so cold that everything will freeze and you’ll wake up to mirror like ice everywhere.

I room around, playing, imagining adventures and quests. It’s beautiful, it’s what every child is waiting for in the winter.

After a few days Christmas will be here. Oh, the Christmas tree, mom is coming, my uncle is coming, presents, cookies, that divine smell of Christmas specialities. I can’t wait. We usually buy a green tree and I decorate it. We add the lights and cotton at the end and boom! Christmas is here! Right here on the hallway of our house. Santa can come now. It’s freezing but I can’t take my eyes of the Christmas tree.

My mom is here. She and grandma are starting to prepare the food. My uncle will join later on and we’ll fight in the snow. More likely he’ll throw me in the snow. It’s always so good to have them all at home. My happiness has no limits. I remember waiting for them and listening to them so attentive when we are all at the table. Mmm… I smell something sweet. See, my grandma rarely bakes sweets, except pies and now it’s the time to have these awesome Christmas cookies.

Maybe that’s why Christmas was so special. We were keeping its traditions untouched and its charm, its uniqueness. We have dishes that we only eat on christmas. Of course, more than that, the entire family comes together.

I’ll spend Christmas Eve with my brother and we’ll go from house to house singing and people will give us sweets, nuts or fruits. Traditions that may seem ridiculous now but were so joyfull back then. The best part was that we get to watch movies till late and spend time together until 4 or 5 am when our grandparents will get us ready to go out and sing. We will snow fight of course, we will meet other children and we’ll come home with our bags full of goodies. Oh man the joy of those moments.

I used to be so naughty and search for the presents before Christmas. Most of the times I was lucky and found them and I had to act surprised on Christmas morning. Until they learned my ways and mom and grandma started to step up their game of hiding the presents.

We used to be so stuffed on Christmas day. Delicious food. And then we’ll just sit around the TV and watch Christmas movies. Real Christmas. Entire house smelled like Christmas, that smell that will never leave you.

I don’t know how many kids nowdays get to feel this Christmas spirit. Maybe back then I didn’t realize how much it meant, but I definitely do now, when my Christmas is so much different.

But I believe one thing. It’s about the spirit, it’s about being together. That’s the most important. Maybe I don’t bother that much but one day my family will see how I like to celebrate Christmas.

I just wrote this so fast with so many vivid memories passing through my mind.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Let it be love and peace!

It’s all love and Christmas shenanigans. Peace!

You have to be Don Quixote to fight the wind mills

It’s ok to try, it’s ok to hope but don’t waste your happiness on somebody who wants to be miserable. It’s ok to care, there’s nothing wrong with that, but some people just take advantage, they feel they have some sort of power over you. They only have that power because you let them and they are way too selfish to admit it. They think they caught you under their spell and they can do whatever they please.

It’s hard when that spell breaks, isn’t it?

But people who are just trying to catch others in their twisted traps, are nothing but tyrans. Don’t bring your happiness next to them because they’ll crush it. Instead of getting better they’ll make you worse, they’ll drain you. There’s no point fighting when there’s a web covering their thinking. These people will suck the last drop of affection from you because they can never get enough, they don’t feel secure enough, and just like vampires they need fresh blood.

Just forgive them and move on. It’s not that you are not good nough… maybe you’re too good. You did nothing wrong anyway. You just tried. You didn’t succeed because you didn’t know or you didn’t want, but because you were sabotaged, you weren’t given a real chance so there’s no point to look back.

As I always say and believe, there’s nothing wrong in giving, feeling or trying. No matter what the circumstances are. But don’t go that far to lose yourself for somebody else. Been there, done that before. Lesson learned.

The worst part is when you look at them as they are, and you like them just like that, plain and simple, and all they do is trying to be somebody else. They know you know them and they just keep on hiding themselves because they’re weak. And lonely.

Better be lonely on yourself than next to somebody. That’s the worst type of loneliness. When they’re next to you but galaxies away. Because that’s their choice. It’s weird that they know what food you don’t like and what’s your favourite number and then they just pretend you’re still nothing.

And one day you don’t answer. One day you just don’t care anymore and then everyhting changes. In their ego they never thought you’ll be strong enough to turn your back. They never thought their game is not good enough. How? It usually works, right?

And then they just spend their days wondering what they did wrong? What happened? Why such a sudden change? Without knowing how many times you felt exactly the same. Anyway they’ll never admit it, they’ll never fight for you, they’ll never let their real self out. They’ll avoid you because you hurt their pride and there’ no cure for that.

Anyway, just forgive and move on. Mind your own business, be your own self just as before because nobody in this life will ever know what’s in your heart and anyway they have no power to mend it. Don’t waste your time in situations like this just to become a bitter and damaged human being. There’s more to life than playing stupid games.

Be true to yourself and to others, you’re not going to live forever. Solitude is not forever, nothing is forever. But as long as you live do it in harmony, have fun, do what pleases you. We worry too much for temporary things. And always make sure you’re wanted, don’t waste your time fighting wind mills.

Know your worth and spread love, people! Love is all we need, to quote The Beatles.

It’s all love and evening writing shenanigans. Peace!

Read the footnotes

“The things she’s seen. The places she’s been. The people she’s met. She’s filthy rich. There’s nothing material you can give that will satisfy her more than moments. Give her joy and give her your time and she’ll never want anything else. She’s what you see, she’s just like that. Existing without any tricks. Ah there’s one trick. She has too much to give.

She likes long rides and black coffee. She likes unplanned things and late nights. She likes to talk and dance. She is warm and brave. She’s a brave girl and she learns fast. She learns from everything and everybody. She loves her time alone but she never refuses good company. If she makes mistakes she’s sorry. If she goes too far she’ll drag you with her.

She has a vicious side, it’s true but she turns it into something natural. She’ll tell you to go for it if you want it. That’s her answer to everything.

What does she want? Haha, many things but she settles for whatever you like.

She can piss you of with her presence sometimes, or with exuberant good mood. But her heart is in the right place. She can be a pain in the ass but you’ll get used to it.

She likes to lay and do nothing for a long time and sometimes she finds no peace in anything. She’s moody but everything turns into a good vibe most of the times. Some people try to make her strong and even though she is grateful to those people, she’s not afraid of her soft side. She’ll show you, even if you don’t ask for it. Stubborn as fuck sometimes and she’ll go under your skin to get things done. Sneaky sometimes, but always with good humor.

She’s loyal to people and if you’ve ever been good to her she’ll never turn against you. Even if you hurt her. She’ll defend what she cares about. She’ll always find good in everything. She looks up to some people. Especially people who showed her a different dimension of things. Mentors, stronger personalities or just different characters. She’ll always be fond of these people.

She’s silly sometimes and makes stupid mistakes and even though she’s ashamed to admit them, give her some time. She’ll come back and she’ll joke about them because she doesn’t want to take mistakes seriously.

Always give her time to come to her senses. She can understand everything. She has an excuse for everybody, not only for herself. She walks straight and laughs loud, she exaggerates and she burns but this is who she is. And if you don’t want to change don’t try to change her either.

She’s an asset when she’s motivated and she hates routine. She want to get involved and to have a word to say, but she’ll obey if required. She can be disciplined. She needs to be disciplined sometimes (ambiguous).

She is the life of the party and in the middle of things. It might be tiring sometimes. But sometimes she’s lazy as fuck. She can easily fall into a comfort zone. You need to be somebody very special to get her out of her bed after a long day when all she wants is to rest.

She gets excited easily but she’ll forget about it fast if it’s not something that she really wants. She can put a lot of effort for the greater good but she needs recognition. She has after all an ego and a fetish for herself. Just like everybody else. (Yes she can twist it up just like that).

Everything depends on either she wants it or not. You’ll see the difference in the results. You’ll know when she’s motivated and when she did it because she had to. If she did you wrong she’ll fix it, she’ll try at least. Give her the chance, she never meant it in the first place.

She’ll forgive everything and you’ll hear the weirdest excuses for people who don’t even deserve a glass of water. But she’ll not defend somebody who’s mean on purpose, or at least without a reason.

She’ll fill people’s heads with romance and bullshit and she’s this silly believer that the world is not on the verge of destruction. At least, not while she’s alive.

She came a long way and she has a long way to go. You’re not the only one who thinks there’s a greater purpose for their existence. When she wishes and when she hopes for others she does it with all her heart. If only she could do this for herself.

She’ll give you a fair battle because she knows there are no shortcuts or cheats. Even though patience is not her strongest asset. But at least you can shake hands with her at the end. It was a good game, no doubt about it. It will be remembered. She will be remembered.

Give her the benefit of doubt as she gives it to others. She deserves it.

She will never really give up, so don’t push her to do it. Some people know she’ll never be herself again around them if they pull the wrong string. Not that she’ll not forgive. She will. But it will never be the same again because she can’t pretend.

Give her herself and that’s all you need. Ah! and food.”

It’s all love and late night writing shenanigans. Peace!

Her chamber is locked

She looks at him with warmth

He’s so lost in what has been, in all those “what ifs”

He doesn’t seem to be very awake even though is clear daylight

His mind wonders but the touch of her hand awakens him

“Can this be true” he whispers to himself terrified

“Where is she?” He asks her in disbelief

“She’s there” she says, calmly pointing to his chest

And then her being covers his eyes

His mouth is full of her faith

His hands are digging her flesh

“Go away you sorcerer of grief” he nearly screams…

Wrote this in 5 minutes. It’s what may seem a sequel of “The right ventricle”. Somebody told me it should continue… I tried. This is what came up in a very brief and undisciplined attempt…

It’s all love and late night writing shenanigans. Peace!

Monologues for two

“I wasn’t born next to the sea but I love it. I hate cold. I strongly hate it. It depresses me, it hurts me. Living next to the sea it’s what makes me happy. The sea is in the air, you don’t need to feel it under your feet. You don’t need to see it everyday. It’s just there. Vast and blue and green and mesmerizing.

I could’ve lived in Greece, the sea there is amazing. I definitely could’ve lived there. But it’s too quiet for me. I need that busy city background sound. I need its restlessness. I need to be in the middle of the rush.”


“Probably that’s why you’re scared. That I’m too friendly, too warm, that I am outgoing and alive. I am not who you want me to be, I will not stay home, you think, you can’t tame me, you can’t control me. That’s the fear. Without you knowing how much I need to be at home, how much I crave watching a movie on the sofa, in your arms and then kissing your lips good night.

I don’t need you to build me a prison that I will never stay in, I will build my own and it’s high security. I am not even trying to escape. There is nothing outside that can make me curious. Freedom, that kind of freedom, is not what I crave anymore.

People believe so strongly that they need to dominate each other instead of simply living together. Compromise, yes, compromise. I will never stop somebody I love from doing what they love. It’s not fair. I don’t want to change them. I want them as they are, with their rawness, with their wars, with their baggage. Who doesn’t have it? But they need to give me the same in return. Because once you give somebody their freedom you enslave them forever. Because there’s nothing better than being yourself next to the person you love. You will never run away.

But I can’t be myself anymore. I’m overthinking, I’m afraid. I’m thinking about how my words sound… more than ever. I’m thinking about what you want in a person and I feel it’s not somebody like me. I feel that everything I do is wrong and silly. I feel that I will never be enough.

And I wonder how. Everybody likes me exactly for who I am, only you want me to be someone else. Without thinking that maybe you are the one who needs to look at his own flaws, at his own twisted self.

You should feed on my energy and my strength instead of suppress it because I can lift you to unknown levels. I can empower and better you until you forget every single bad moment in your existence. This is what I do. I lift people up.

You won’t ever let me though. Even though you care. You won’t ever let me though. I have no other purpose than to give happiness. There is nothing that somebody owns that I want for myself. You can’t give me anything because I wish for nothing. If that was the case I would be somewhere else in life.

I want you for who you are.

I’m like the summer maybe. People enjoy it but at some point they find it too hot, they seek the shade. But winter only makes you remember summer, and wish it was back”


She said all this looking at her in the mirror, imagining him in front of her. He will never listen to this, she knows. Because he refuses conversations. Maybe he’s not even worthy of hearing this. Oh he is of course he is, but he’ll not know how to fully understand it and appreciate it. He’ll twist it, he’ll make it sound ordinary without understanding the place it comes from.

The few moments they actually talked were battles of wits. Who can dominate more. Even though she listened. She listened carefully. She heard him. And she stopped talking.

These monologues occasionally occur in her mind and as much as she will like to let them out she knows they’ll hit a wall. That’s the worst part of everything. No gate, no window not a single crack to reach behind that wall…

And it’s so surprising. He seems so flexible, so down to earth and easy going. So living in this century type of guy, only to discover that he is a fossil, a relic, God knows how it got lost here. And he learned how to dust himself off to look like a precious stone. Not all that glitters is gold though, to put it this way.

Anyway, the conversation is over. Her mind brought this out. That she will hit such a thick wall if she’ll ever try to voice these thoughts. This is the moment when she’ll give up. She hates it and regrets it but for now that’s what it is.

It’s all love and late night writing shenanigans. Peace!

“A Street Car Named Desire”

It’s late at night. She doesn’t know how time has passed. It just passed. It happens to her so often to stay awake til late at night. She likes the night. She is more creative, more inspired at night. It’s something about the night that makes her alive. Sometimes she has these energy fits late at night and she’s ready to do things but, unfortunately, night does not offer the same advantages as daylight.

Tonight is one of those nights. Is late and sleep doesn’t really want to visit. Her phone rings. It’s… him. How in the living hell! It’s been a while since that fight and nothing predicted that he’ll ever even come closer to her again. Yet, he’s ringing. So late at night. Not him, not what she’s used to.

She answers, heart beating fast.

“Hi” she hears.

“Hi” she replies, maybe a bit faster than she wanted to.

“Good you’re awake, I had a dream about you and it felt so real and now I need to see you!” he says in a breath.

It must’ve been difficult for him to say all that. He’s not like this and not over a dream. She wonders what the dream was about. She has an idea. It happened to her too but she did not dare to wake him up with that. He would’ve said it’s nonsense and that she should go to sleep.

“What?! You mean now? You..”

“Yes, now” he cuts her off. “Now! Take a taxi, take anything and come here. I’m waiting for you” he continues.

“But I’m like 60 km away from you. I need at least an hour” she softly, doubtfully replies.

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of everything. I’m waiting for you. Are you coming?” he impatiently questions.

“I’ll let you know when I leave home” she says.

“… I’ll be waiting, call me when you reach”.

She can feel the excitement in his voice. Her heart is beating faster than before. She looks around the room. She needs to get dressed, she needs to take a shower, she needs to be fast but she feels like jumping with joy. She feels like screaming.

There are things that at some point she’ll never do. If somebody doesn’t give her a reason to continue or to fight for, she’ll never try. She will wait, hoping a miracle will happen, but she will gradually stop trying to approach somebody who is dishonest with their intentions. Somebody who doesn’t know what they want.

She’ll probably die to see somebody but she’ll never say a word anymore because she already did more than enough before. She fears rejection more than anything. She dreads it.

She takes a shower, she looks at herself in the mirror. Her face changed, not tired anymore and in her eyes there’s a childish light sparkling. She missed him. Obviously. All that effort of trying not to think about him, all that power she built not to call him… all gone now.

She’s down in the street waiting for a taxi. An hour drive and it’s already 3 o’clock in the morning.  She finds one and she’s on her way. It’s going to be such a long hour.

He’s down, in front his building. He sees the taxi and he comes to meet her. She gets out and looks at him. Sleepy face, pillow hair, pajama on. Still sexy though. He smiles and hugs her. Autumn leaves on the street…

Again the title has nothing to do with the movie. Some things just pop in my mind for no reason and they fit some texts.

It’s all love and late night writing shenanigans. Peace!



I’m on a (spring) roll

I would really like to write a book one day. Anyway I romanticize everything. I just want it to be magic and raw just like my favourite, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Maybe later when this mind of mine will have some coherence. When I’ll come home and put my kids to sleep and have a glass of wine with my husband, write an hour or two and then go to bed.

Maybe later, when I will be mature and my heart will be tamed. Now there are too many impressions, too many flames burning. It’s not wise now. A book needs maturity and patience. I have neither.

I decided to write everyday if I can, just to practice, just to maintain it. Write about everything that comes to mind no matter what it is. Until my writing will become something else. Not just about me, but a smart plot and a logical series of events. Now it’s all chaos. I’m like a kid inside the toy store.

I was always attracted to literature, to writing, to the smell of books. I like classics and that type of classic romance, out of ordinary. I like the chase, the separation and then the glorious final. The fight and the tumult. Emotions and whirlpools. No soap operas for me even though real life tends to be more that way.

And the characters. Classic characters have always such a strong will and determination. They know what they want and they’ll go to hell and back for that. I got this from books, I know what I want and I know how to fight but nowadays nobody gives a damn about these things anymore. Nowadays is about leaving people “on read” and prove who is more superficial. Oh please1

I should have lived in Ana Karenina’s days or the french revolution. Those days of passions and no technology. I am grateful for technology but sometimes it just leaves us empty. Honestly now, we build relationships through Whatsapp when we should be out there face to face doing things that will keep us from being so fucked up. We should be out there being happy walking bare feet on the beach.

I’m talking non-sense right.

Technology is progress, I agree, but we are still humans last time I checked. All we want now is to be freakin cyborgs. Less feelings, more brainwashed. You just can’t find people to be free with. Nowadays everybody talks money and not much else. And shit.

Let’s go eat a burger and laugh at each other. Don’t mention how many calories my burger has or I’ll get up and leave. Can’t stand that in a man.

We are so focused on totally different values nowadays. We care about really silly things and we let principles and values go to hell. We miss big things just to regret it later. Our reasoning nowadays is faulty. We just don’t know how to human properly.

And all this “let’s see who answers slower”, “let’s act like assholes because people like assholes” is boring as fuck. We miss things doing this, we miss the beauty of life, when people could be together and could be doing things together. Oh, people are afraid that people won’t like them is they give in too easily. Well, newsflash, assholes out there, maybe it’s true for a while but in the end they’ll hate your arrogant asses.

See, I start like this, with an idea, I start calmly and then I’m triggered when entering this debate area and I pour letters in here. This just took me 10 min. I started typing so fast. I need to go out also :)))

Anyway, today’s rant ends here.

It’s all love and late night writing shenanigans. Peace!

“The General in His Labyrinth”

She’s rubbing cream on her face looking at herself in the mirror. She rubs it gently on her cheekbones, going up to her forehead and down again on her nose, chin, sliding slowly down her neck. She’s tired.

She looks at herself in the mirror and can also see him in bed. Looking at her. Eyes dark, burning. He’s waiting but he’s not impatient. Always a control freak.

She starts rubbing lotion on her body and he watches every move…

He had a party earlier. Friends gathered together. And he was so… different. All night he looked at her, he joked, he had this light in his eyes. That light vanished now that everybody is gone and he is trapped in his own mind again.

It was a perfect night. He wouldn’t do anything without involving her. They laughed a lot. She knows him and he, surprisingly, found out how much she knows of him. She knows who he is, what his actions and reactions are, she knows what he likes, she knows how to make him laugh. He asked her to dance, he’s proud she’s there and they dance and everybody looks. Because everybody feels the goddamn chemistry between them.

She remembers how, while she was seated on the sofa, he was standing next to her talking to a friend and his hand reached out and gently stroked her hair. That moment right there, froze in her mind. He has beautiful hands, manly, with beautiful nails and he always makes sure they look good. She loves this in a man. Nice hands. She always looks at this. And he does have them. She loves his hands.

If she’ll say a joke that’ll crack him up he’ll go round and repeat the joke. He looks happy and carefree. She saw him like this a few times. She saw him free. Then he’ll go back to being lost, to being amnesic… all oblivion now.

He was this free when they first went out to a club. He went to the bar to order drinks and she was on the dance floor waiting for him to come back. She kept on looking at him as he was waiting at the bar. His handsome profile, his suit… he looks damn good in a suit. He finally comes back and she makes a few steps to meet him. They’re face to face, looking at each other. She’s happy as a kid and he feels it. His hand grabs her waist pulling her closer and then they kiss. It’s perfect. Then their foreheads are united and they just savour that moment after kissing. Maybe they’re drunk, but it feels good.

They dance all night and in some moments he just keeps her close, and they kiss and dance like nobody’s around. She looks at him “I don’t know how you can make me feel so good” she says. “Really?!” he says and then he buries his face in her hair kissing her neck and her knees feel weak. She bites her lip and she prays the night will never end.

She remembers all this moments more than anything. These small treasures. But he’s such a strong-headed man. He has the self-control of an army man, the strength of a bull. He’s so damn stubborn. And insecure. All at the same time. He’s cocaine to her brain.

These are just moments, and she wonders if they’re even real now. They felt real though. A simple stroke of hair, a kiss, walking and holding his arm. The moments when they were laughing… just the two of them.

Ashes now… Fiction.

She goes and lays next to him on the bed. Being his prey again…

DISCLAIMER: The title is the name of a book of one of my favourites writers, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is just a reference and I found it a good match for my text. Nothing to do with the original. Magic realism, has everything to do with me though.

It’s all love and late night writing shenanigans. Peace!

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